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1st April 2018

LED Photofacials – all you need to know

I get asked a lot of questions about LED Photofacials, here are the most common.

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What results can LED Photofacials achieve?

Because LED Photofacials are a proven treatment with visible results all clients will experience improved skin hydration, firming, reduced signs of aging – including reduction in wrinkle depth.

Can LED Photofacials improve skintone?

Clients with minor skin problems will achieve a reduction in redness. Pigmentation and uneven skin tone will be reduced and in some cases eliminated.

Will LED Photofacials help acne?

Acne inflammation will subside and internal healing stimulated to reduce acne lesions and heal acne scarring.

How long will the results last?

Results can last for several months following a course of 6 treatments. I advise maintenance sessions to ensure longer lasting results, on average having a single treatment every 4-6 weeks.

Are LED Photofacials safe?

LED Photofacials are a 100% safe, effective, non-invasive therapy.

LED light therapy

Are there any side effects?

There are no side effects. It is pain free and there are no harmful wavelengths of light emitted during the treatment. With no UV and no Infrared it’s safer than natural daylight on the skin. LED Photofacials promotes the body’s own natural healing response and is a natural way to target many skin concerns from ageing to acne scarring.

Will it damage my eyes?

No. Dermalux has been tested to international standards for eye safety EN62471. The design of the therapy heads means that the device does not directly shine into your eyes.

Is it hot?

No unlike traditional filament bulbs LEDs do not contain a filament. They produce light energy with very little thermal energy. The Dermalux™ treatment heads do not get hot nor feel hot against the skin.

Are LED Photofacials comfortable?

LED Photofacials are more comfortable and less claustrophobic than traditional LED devices.

What is Phototherapy or Photofacial?

Phototherapy, or Photofacial, is the use of light to alter biological activity. Phototherapy involves exposing cells or tissue to low levels of light in the visible or near infrared part of the spectrum.

When light of these wavelengths penetrate the skin they are absorbed by the mitochondria of the cell which starts a cascade of inter and extracellular reactions that promotes healthier skin.

These reactions first begin when the light is absorbed by the cells mitochondria and continue to work even after the light has been switched off.

Phototherapy is not a new science and today over 1000 clinical studies have studied the effects of light on our bodies and on many cellular processes demonstrating that light:

  • Enhances the production of adenosine triphosphate or ATP which enhances cellular metabolism and proliferation
  • Enhances cellular homeostasis, repairing imbalances within the cell and between cells
  • Increases blood flow and lymph activity to eliminate toxins and accelerate healing, and reducing acne inflammation.
  • Enhances RNA and DNA synthesis to improve reproduction of healthy cells
  • Increases proliferation of cell types involved in promoting and maintaining healthy skin
  • Increases synthesis of collagen and elastin resulting in firmer skin with reduction in the depth of lines and wrinkles.
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